Process Engineering

Process Engineering

Restructuring services support underperforming companies in making smart decisions in a crisis, and where the corporate boards see a need. We will help your business remain resilient and maintain positive cash flow through a strategic recovery plan tailored to your issues. Our turnaround strategy will also help you optimize your operations and maximize your profitability.

  • Operational Process Restructuring
  • Financial restructuring
  • Crisis management
  • Debt and Creditors advisory
  • Cash Flow Management

Operational Process Restructuring

Determine the causes of poor operational performance. Develop a strategy to address the causes of weakness. Improve and reorganize operational processes to achieve improvement. Expanding the scope of work in the company to achieve the highest levels of productivity.

Financial restructuring

Restructuring financing sources between equity and debt. Restructuring spending resources to reduce spending.

Crisis management

Identify financial and non-financial problems. Develop possible solutions, differentiate between these solutions and recommend the best alternatives, follow up on their implementation, and take corrective action if needed.

Debt and Creditors advisory

Identifying the sources of debt and recommending the source of the debt with the lowest cost. Establish appropriate repayment procedures. Linking the duration of payment and collection so that there is no delay in payment.

Cash Flow Management

Monitor and regulate the facility's cash flow. Identify appropriate ways and means to increase cash flow. Identify appropriate ways and means to reduce cash outflows. Create a cash reserve to cope with any emergency events. Provide advice on the best terms for granting credit to customers. Forecasting inflows and outflows.